With the emerging trend of “I woke up like this,” the need for the no-makeup look is selling like ”hot cakes.” 

Everyone wants glowing, illuminating skin with minimal makeup. We fail to understand that for radiant looking makeup the base, which is our skin, has to be internally glowing and refreshed. With a focus on showcasing more natural-looking skin, it is imperative to incorporate a skincare routine. This would bring out your best skin days where you would have the instagrammable celebrity golden hour look all day round.

Establishing a routine is fundamental for the lit-from-within-glow and a clear indication of healthy skin, which all starts with a clean canvas. It is mandatory to ensure that you are washing your face at least twice a day daily. Lady Santos Advanced and Natural Skin Care: Illuminating Restoring Face Wash helps to revitalize your skin; meanwhile, it will be working on removing the dirt particles from the surface of your skin that has been built up due to exposure to pollution that builds up during the day. What this does is actually create a clean slate for other products to penetrate and really get to work.

We all aim to have hydrated skin. An essential skincare step is locking in all the natural goodness, which can only be achieved using Lady Santos Advanced and Natural Skin Care: Illuminating Enhancing Toner, which elevates hydration levels while simultaneously targeting areas with uneven skin tone. It is the most soothing of our Illuminating range of products as it aids in protecting and balancing stressed skin.

How it does that is the question that needs to be addressed?