Most renowned dermatologists agree that the best way to eliminate under-eye circles is to go through a combination of cosmetic treatments, make healthy lifestyle changes, and invest in high-quality skincare products.

The skin under our eyes says a lot about the situation we go through. For example, working late at night can reflect on your face the next morning in the form of those pesky dark under-eye circles. Feeling stressed or having hectic days and sleepless nights may be another reason for your eyes to look tired and puffy.

What are the actual causes of dark circles?

Treating dark circles can be tricky as there are various reasons why people develop them. Some lifestyle factors like lack of sleep, dehydration, not eating a well-balanced diet, and excessive intake of alcohol or drugs can all contribute to the appearance of dark circles, but genetics and aging can be a major factor as well.

Let’s take genetics for example; the shape of the eyes and the structures around them create a natural hollow and may give a shadow-like effect. And with aging, the tissue around the eyes weakens as you get older. This breakdown in collagen causes fat to move toward the lower eyelids, which creates dark shadows and puffiness.

Another reason for developing dark circles is from rubbing your eyes. Allergies reddens the eyes and rubbing them will lead to darkening through increased pigment from the irritation. Many people may not know this but rubbing their eyes is one of the worst things they can do to the delicate skin around this sensitive area.

The best treatments for under-eye circles

Cosmetic treatments, such as peels, lasers, and fillers can be helpful if you want a lasting effect. Fillers restores the padding in the lower eyelid and cheek to help eliminate shadows and hollowness under the eyes. Chemical peels can lighten the skin over the course of several weeks. Botox smooths out excess crinkling of the skin, giving you a tight and even skin. Microneedling is also quite effective when it comes to dark circles; it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Some noninvasive skin-tightening procedures, like Thermage or Ultherapy are also used to treat dark, under-eye circles and provide a natural lift before the issue becomes severe.
However, there are many who believe cosmetic treatments are not suitable for them. If you are one of these people, then we suggest using quality eye creams and skincare products to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. This is where Lady Santos Advanced and Natural Skin Care: Dark Circle Peptide Corrector Eye Gel comes in handy.

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