About Us


Skincare is a natural science experiment! Why should one choose when it comes to natural or clinical skincare products? At Lady Santos Advanced and Natural Skin Care, we're introducing a range of carefully curated skin care products. These powerfully natural ingredients along with industry experts and aestheticians, work together to bring forward products that can be equally effective and safe to use. Inspired by our consumers’ healthy lifestyle and nutritive choices today, we have now furthered into making a skin care brand that is equally conscious of their choices as are their customers.

Using the best of both worlds, nature and science, we have carefully formulated products that along with being able to cater to skincare concerns will also consider seasonal skincare needs. Seasonal focused products for all skin types.

We aim to provide fresh "top of the shelf" quality products to our consumers. The Natural and clinical cosmetics. The best of nature, science and skin love.


Lady Dee Santos loves skin care and have tried tons of products from the market, from the drugstore up to high-end. But, got frustrated with products that are not effective or have toxic ingredients in them. The dream started from that frustration and now the dream of creating products from her standard is happening, working with a team with great experience in there field to make these products and reach to every women and everyone who deserves the best skin care that is safe, health focused without toxic ingredients and with high efficacy, quality, fresh ingredients is what she is proud of.

“Our Tagline” : The future of beauty and skin care; the best of nature, science and skin love.

Nature : Our Products are mostly from fresh quality botanicals

Science : Our products are produced in an advanced clinical setting making sure every ingredients are extracted directly from its source and the science that makes every botanical ingredients absorb all the goodness to the skin and target directly different skin concerns.

Skin love : The love to your skin is equal to self love, all of us deserves. Creating products that are safe to overall health.

We promise to offer products that came from premium ingredients directly from the source and botanicals that are fresh and highly beneficial and effective. Our products follow quality assurance from FDA and Health Canada. The products undergone microbiological, temperature and stability tests to ensure and maintain efficacy as well as freshness of the ingredients.

Each products are produced in small batches to deliver it fresh to you. We value the importance of efficacy and freshness as it plays a great role in our promise.